Woo Hoo for Ruby Woo and Date Nights!💄💄

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2015/03/img_5287.jpg Well hi there! I am going to tell you all a little story that starts with red liptsick...last week, a friend of mine gave me a tube of #RubyWoo by @MAC and said that this is "the red that works on everyone". Hmm. This is hugely daunting to me because I wear mascara, sometimes a little blush, lip gloss and that's it. I don't know why I don't wear it. I love make-up. I get super excited whenever I see a new collection (I will even buy some of it!) I think it looks lovely on other people but I just don't like color on my face (I'm positive a therapist somewhere could have a hey-day with this!) Very soft pink lipgloss, with maybe a little shimmer? Yes, please. All day everyday.

So this weekend, I played around with this red color and heeeyy! I didn't completely hate it. It made me feel very grown up and fancy in fact. However, these new red lips of mine needed something more than yoga pants ! I bought this fringey and fabulous #Milly skirt at www.Saks.com over the holidays and it's a perfect dress-up-for-dinner outfit.. (and to get your shimmy on!!) I like to keep a few lace or fringey mini skirts around because you can always, always use them (keep your eyes peeled for reasonably priced alternatives. I say stick with black, white or even a light pink color because they just feel timeless) Since it's on the short side (for me anyway), I covered up on top-- this is my general rule of thumb-- if the skirt is short, I make sure my arms are covered and vice-versa. It feels a little classier to me. The shirt is just a slim fit button down from www.bananarepublic.com.  I wanted to wear a mens white button down (I LOVE that look), but I couldnt find it in my closet (dry cleaners maybe...). On to the shoes...oh mama. These feathery sandals are my favvvvorite ever. Ever ever ever. These puppies just work with anything I pair them with. Plus, I feel all Carrie Bradshaw when I wear them (minus around a thousand other friends that her shoes have. And Mr. Big. But that's another story...) 😊

Anyway, working hard all week and taking care of a family really makes the idea of getting dressed up for a date night seem like.... a chore to me (how sad is that?) Does anyone else feel this way? Like even that much effort is too much? And I know that we need to make the effort because its healthy and soul-filling to be out together as humans (not mom and dad!) So, while it might be infrequent at first, I think me and old #RubyWoo here are going to be seeing more of each other in the future! Hope this inspires your inner red-lipstick wearer too! Thanks so much for stopping by- we sure appreciate it! ❤️❤️Happy Tuesday! xoxo Michelle