All Tied Up With A Bow 🎀

Okay, I am officially in love with this shirt. I saw it on-line at Nordstrom (You can get it here) and wasn't 100% sure of it but I gave it a go.  I love buttoned up, conservative looks at work. I usually don't like too many layers (I would not survive for a single winter outside of Orange County) because sometimes, it just feels too constricting.  When I am in the office, I am dictating or typing and I need to have good range of movement. (Not that I am whipping my arms all over but you know what I mean!)  Usually, I wear thin camis under my blazers but this shirt is whisper thin.  For full disclosure, it's pretty sheer and if you are planning on wearing it alone, you will need something under it.  If I wore this to court, I would probably pull my hair back in a ponytail and leave the headband at home. I think low sleek pony tails are so chic. The suit is from Banana Republic - I wear a ton of their things to work. It doesn't wrinkle and its great quality- win win. Ok loves, hope your week ahead will be fantastic! Xo Michelle