Seeing Red? ❤️🇺🇸

Lets just pretend that I have on a beautiful shade of red lipstick, or a red bag or maybe even nice shiny red patent heels and if you can do that, then isnt this just a perfect outfit for the holiday week? Yes, yes it is!! (Whoops. I will get it together next year.)

This blazer is from my recent Zara spree and it is right at home in my closet. I am a very simple, classic dresser. I typically wear black, more black, and then something black. :) Navy blue is a color I also gravitate to and when I saw this blazer I just fell in love! I think I will get so much use out of it. And can you see the gold buttons? I just love it. I took this dress from banana republic out of the closet (it's from last summer) and they just look so cute together. The structured blazer makes the summery type dress a little more appropriate for the office. And like everyone's office, mine is fa fa freezing and there is just no way I would ever wear sleeveless.  And do I ever love nude shoes. The ones I am wearing (Gucci) have the slightest hint of blush to them. If I could find a pair of not ridiculous looking navy blue high heeled loafers, that would be perfect (do these even exist?) but in the meantime, these heels are just fine. (I think you could also pair dark leather heels with this outfit and it would be cute too.) Hope everyone is having an amazing week and as always, I sure appreciate you stopping by! Xx Michelle