Welcome to Gold Dust and Sugar Lust, dear reader.   I am a full-time lawyer, mommy and wifey.  I am a daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend.   I am a runner, a yogi and a devout reader.  Above all, I am a woman, and like every woman who wears many hats (um.... that's all of us!), I understand what it’s like to have so little time to just…be…and I applaud and support each and every one of you.  I admire honesty, faith, unselfishness and above all else, kindness.  I believe in paying it forward every day with a smile, a compliment, a kind word.  I believe wholeheartedly that kindness can change the world.  I believe mothers are heroes. I believe in fierce and unwavering loyalty to the people I love. I believe in God. I believe that one dog is good but a house is not a home without multiple pups running around! I believe in great big belly laughs. I believe nothing in life is coincidental and every person that comes into your life does so for a reason.  I believe in America, a country I am devoted to.  I believe we are all doing the very best we can and that no one has the right to judge you or how you live your life...and this reminds me. I believe in bad reality tv, too :)

I am a writer at heart and I hope to write a book someday.  Until then...I have this little corner of the internet to write about the things that are important in my life.   Since most of my day is spent in a law firm, a big part of what I blog about is office appropriate attire.  Since most of my heart is devoted to my family, I hope to share some of that with you as well.   Book reviews, easy recipes, kid DIY projects, party planning and (limited!) beauty advice appeal to you?   You've come to the right spot! 

More about me...I love my family more than anything.  My son and daughter are the center of my world, and opened my heart in ways only mothers understand. I am an unswerving optimist. I love to write. I love stationary and still send real, honest-to-goodness cards!  I take the privilege of friendship very seriously.  I am a complete fiend for anything sparkly and gold.  Literally, the golder, the better. :)  Gold nail polish, an armful of gold bangles, a glittery gold accent, Lakers gold ( I am a life-long fan)–obsessed.     And sugar.  Sugar, sugar, sugar. I seriously love candy. Life is short, people!

I love cashmere throws. Macaroons. Lazy Sunday mornings (but who ever gets those?). Sandy bare feet. Glittery lip gloss.  High heels (always high heels for me).   A sunset anywhere in the world.  I love getting dressed-up, but putting on comfy sweats as soon as I walk in the door.  Disneyland all day, everyday.  I love old-fashioned manners and I love traditions.

I believe in supporting and celebrating the beauty within every woman, because we are all beautiful. I endeavor to live each day with acceptance, integrity, optimism and grace (and a little shimmer never hurt)!   

I hope I will get to know each one of you.... and I appreciate you and your support so much!  Sweetly, Michelle