Keeping it Real (Housewives)

We like to keep things real over here at GoldDustandSugarLust. And by real, we are of course talking about the Real Housewives franchise. Yes, I'm a lawyer. And reality TV is sort of mindless. But, I take the smart hat off when I get home (in the car on the way home, to be precise--and I watch House of Cards. That counts for something).  I love Bravo. I love Andy Cohen (and his dog) even more.  Last night was part 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion and what a whooper it was.  Can we talk about this for a minute?   I would love to hear what you all think, but after last night, my thoughts were:

  • No one accepts responsibility.  Doesn't it seem like a lot of nonsense could be avoided if someone (anyone?) just said "You're right. I did. I'm sorry." Like Kim. If she just said "I actually DID look drunk and loopy. More than once. I see why you thought I wasn't sober. I get it.  But I'm okay. And thanks for caring."  or maybe Brandi saying " I drink a LOT. It makes me slur and stumble.  And drop F-bombs like confetti. I can see why someone might mention that I can't hold my liquor. I might need to cut down a touch".   I sort of think that tensions just immediately defuse when someone says " You're right." How can you stay mad after that? It takes the fight out of a person (not these ladies. Normal persons)
  • The newbies have patience for days.  Prior to this season, all I knew about Rinna was that she had a clothing store in Calabasas, a rocking body from Dancing with the Stars and big lips. Eileen? Never heard of her. I actually like them. Not just in comparison to the others, but as stand alones.  They seem genuine and real and have exercised enormous restraint with these knuckleheads.  I hope they stick around.
  • Kim and Brandi are mean. I feel like they say things to hurt, not to be heard or to further the peace. I think it is just unforgiveable for a woman to cut down another woman based on her looks, or weight or age or (perceived lack of) beauty. Opinions, behavior, actions, choices?  Yes. All that superficial stuff? No. I don't like to see women at each other like that  and these two seem to do it with more glee at least than the others.
  • Can you picture the next holiday for the Richard sisters. I mean really. What is up there? It is way more than this show. I think the reactions they have to each other are more extreme because of whatever hurts are lingering from long long ago. Its terrible. That rift seems real to me and these two are sisters. Its sad. I have a hard time watching those scenes unfold, actually.  Hopefully, they will put it back together at some point.
  • With few exceptions, these ladies are all great mothers.  I like to see that. They all seem to be really trying at least.
  • Kyle has great jewelry. You see that armful of bangles she was sporting? Yowza.  Me likey. Me wanty. :)

We will see what next Tuesday has in store for us.  What do you all think? Thanks for stopping by (and come check out our Instagram page at @golddustandsugarlust.) xoxo Michelle