Said Yes To The Dress

I have a weird relationship with dresses. I love wearing sheath dresses under a blazer or a cardigan to the office.  I love the little black dress for any sort of evening function. I literally must have 30 of them hanging in my closet. But just a regular standalone dress for daytime in the office? Sometimes I struggle with deciding if I like it.  It has to be just right, right?

I also have been making an effort to put more color into my wardrobe. For a  person who loves black as much as I do, white is a huge wild step in the color direction. And florals are just gorgeous. Don't even get me started on all of the rooms in my house I would wallpaper with floral designs if my husband would let me ( why do I even ask? I should just do it. There's a 50-50 chance he wouldn't even notice!!) But back to the dress. When I saw it hanging in Zara ( my latest obsession) it just spoke to me for some reason. It's structured and sweet and it has pockets and it is ladylike and fits like a glove.  It is so office appropriate in this nice weather and can't you just also see it at a brunch with your grandmother or to wear to church? And the best part of all is it's made out of this sort of stretchy material. If you didn't think it was perfect before, you sure do now, right? I bought this dress about a week ago, so it still should be online at Zara.   As always, I hope your day is just wonderful and I appreciate you stopping by so much. XO XO Michelle