Chicago, a Flag and a Bride

First of all, my font is funky and I don't know why!  The blogging world is soo over my head so I apologize in advance! A professional is working on me! :)
Hi there friends!  We had another jam packed trip to the Windy City for the wedding of my husband's good friend.  We started the trip with a visit to the Aquarium and the Navy Pier (but it started raining and that kept us indoors).  As my daughter gets older, going to new places gets easier because she understands and enjoys what she is seeing. She is an inquisitive 5 year old who wants to know the answer to everything and I love it. There is simply nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a child. We had the best day together- just two girls in the big city- while my husband did groomsman stuff for the wedding. 

Speaking of the wedding- oh my gosh. It was a rustic theme, with the ceremony in front of a huge tree in the middle of a huge grassy field that had a huge white tent over it.  The details were incredible- wooden bowls and candles and pink flowers everywhere and twinkly lights and chalkboard signs with the most lovey dovey sayings but the best part? A S'mores bar! Yes! I roasted marshmallows and danced the night away to my happy heart's content!  By the way, this amazing dress is from and it is so beautiful in person. It is full and fitted and lined and oh so gorgeous. You can find it here right now and it's on sale!

So Vanessa from @whatwouldvwear and I have been dying to see each other and this weekend worked out. We knew the day and we knew the time we were going to meet. But where? My husband and I passed this barn in the car on the way in from the airport and I was like "A big white barn in the middle of a field with an American flag painted on it? And it's the week before the 4th? COME ON! Here. HERE! We are taking pictures HERE!"  We brought our kids with us too because there is just something more that we share because we are mommies. We get each other- the time commitments and the overwhelming love for our children. It was a delightful memory we made together this day.  And this lovely dress I am wearing is from Bardot...a sweet little shop in Newport Beach  You can also follow them on Instagram ( like I do) @Bardot_oc and if you see something you love (like I always do)- just call then and they will send it to you! Easy-peasy!

We are heading back to the Chicago for a week in August and besides the American Girl store and the Lincoln Zoo, we don't have a ton in the agenda. I would love any recommendations you all might have! Happy Monday to you!! Xx Michelle