Diaper Bags (Part 1)


{Written while hearing my mother's voice in my head say "No shoes on the bed!"} I feel like preparing for a new baby is a monumental task with so many moving parts, but in reality, newborns really don't need much. Especially for the first few months, but that knowledge hasn't stopped me from scurrying around to get it all done! I have all of the nursery bedding, drapery and furniture and some wall decor but I am trying to get the wall coverings done (more on that in a later post). I am 32 weeks and I want to get my bags packed (and his bags packed) so that we are ready for the big day! That got me thinking about diaper bags.... for my daughter, I used this Gucci bag and it worked out well. I could use the same bag for this baby because it held up nicely, but I am looking for a new one.  I am thinking that I might want a backpack this go around so that I am hands free (although I like the cross body option just as much). I also love to use little internal bags for feeding, diapering, clothing and maybe one for toys. It keeps everything in place and it makes it so much easier to find everything in the diaper bag when things aren't just all jumbled up together. That's why these and these seem like a great option. I also can't help but want to be somewhat stylish and fashionable. It depends on where we are going as to whether I will take my purse as well (or just stick my wallet and some lip gloss in the diaper bag) and this is a great option (plus,  it can be monogrammed!! ) These are just a few of the options I am looking at. I am going to do another post with whatever bag I actually end up buying and my packing list for the hospital! Hope your Saturday has been terrific dearest reader!! Sweetly, Michelle