Crossing a Bridge





2015/02/img_3956.jpg Hi dear reader! How fitting that our first real post involves a bridge...we are finally crossing over into this venture that we are so excited about. And how great is this spot for a picture? It's in my own backyard too! We all could open our eyes to the beauty around us a little more, right? I know I sure can!

About this outfit... If you let me, I will wear all black, all day, everyday. Seriously. So a little pop of color here and there (shoes, jewelry, a handbag) goes a long way. And red shoes right about now with any outfit is perfect for Valentines Day, right?! I love love love a full midi-skirt (the hubs? Not so much. But what does he know? 😊) There is just something about the shape and the pockets (and the twirl!) that makes me feel ladylike and elegant (this one is from With all that volume, I needed a closer fitted sweater (from Zara) on top and voila... A possible Valentine outfit! Wishing you all a beautiful day- 🍭🍬 Michelle