Casual in Khaki

Yay for weekend time! Okay, this whole get up (shoes included) is from Banana Republic.  I popped by the mall last weekend and they were having a great know what happened next.  The shorts are great-- not too short and not too wrinkly. The sweater is nice and holds its kind of form fitting shape, which is important with loose-ish shorts. These wedges? They were on sale last weekend for $70, so I bought them in two colors! Why not? I love wedges-- still that sandal feel but they give you a lift when you need it- -and who ever complained about a few more inches of height? (umm, no one!)

You know that I love sunsets...and just being out with my sweet girl on these balmy, beautiful evenings. I love being outside during this time of the day and I love to share it with my daughter.  I want her to see and appreciate the beauty and simplicity of nature and to pick her face up from the IPad every now and again to enjoy it! I hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend too! Xoxo Michelle 

Shorts are HERE, Sweater (it's not available on line but it's in the stores now. HERE is one that's similar), Wedges are HERE