Moody (Navy) Blues


Well hello there! Let me tell you about the crazy weather that was going on when I was taking these pictures-- it got cloudy and rainy really quickly and COLD (Southern California cold. So like, 69 or 70. Freezing, in other words) The good news is that even though it was windy (read: hair flying everywhere) and my teeth were chat chat chattering, the sky turned an amazing pink. We've been over this before but I am practically dumbfounded over sunsets. Actually, the sky in general. My phone is full of pictures of great big clouds and beautiful skies full of pinks and red.  I look up at the sky all of the time and it rarely disappoints and really, how can you have a bad day with all of that beauty surrounding you?  Answer: You can't!  Take my word for it. Look up.

I would have to think about whether I would wear this outfit to work because it might be a little short for a law office (for me anyway). I am really particular about the length and silhouette of pieces because dressing for the office as a woman is (for better or worse) establishing credibility and nothing undermines that faster than a too short hemline or too much cleavage.  Maybe someday, we can all be judged by what is on our inside but until we stumble into that Utopia, I'm not taking any chances!!   I think this little set is perfect for an after- work function or dinner and a show. The skirt and shirt are both from Zara and are a really nice quality- heavy and textured.  It's a deep, beautiful shade of navy, too. In the summer, it would be really cute with a neutral strappy sandal and an arm full of bangles.  I pulled this bag out of the closet for the first time in a long while. I love this bag. Wait, I love all bags.  I have every Gucci bag I've ever purchased going back maybe 15 years and I never sell them.  They are like family to me.  I'm a Gucch-a-holic (we all have our problems though, am I right!?)  😊

We hope your day and your week are just lovely and hey! Thank you so much for stopping by!  Xoxo 🎀🍭Michelle