Chasing the Cup (East)

 How cute are the elevators at the United Center?

I wish there was volume on this picture...LOUD!



Aren't these buildings just gorgeous? This may be one of my favorite corners in Chicago!

Ummm, is it just me or is a letter missing? "Take a picture of me in front of the Trump building" seemed like a pretty simple request...Nice camera work, right? 😌

Do you remember the Elephant Parade last summer in Dana Point? Well, these painted horses are similar except they are to commemorate fallen Police officers.  😔👮🏻



Yeah? Not soon enough for me! Come RIGHT NOW!


This is an exciting post for me! I did something way way WAY outside of my comfort zone! My husband B and I headed to Chicago (his home town) for a quick little 24 hour trip! Why, you may be quite understandably asking yourself? To see game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals and the Chicago Blackhawks of course !!  B grew up playing hockey and still plays in a men's league a few times a week and the Blackhawks are one of his obsessions (his other obsessions being the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bears. Wait, and the Chicago Bulls. Anyone sense a pattern here?)  So we decided to act like we are spontaneous and carefree (he is, I am for sure NOT- I plan the beJesus out of every day!) and we flew into the City with enough time Wednesday to throw our things in a hotel room, grab a cab, and head to the United Center.   I am a sports loving girl and have been to Stanley cup finals games in the past for the Kings and the Ducks but I have never experienced anything like these fans- it is BANANAS!! Everyone is dressed in Blackhawks colors, everyone is on their feet cheering and screaming and high fiving for the WHOLE game!  And it is loud. LOUD. Louder than you would believe. Thank goodness the Blackhawks I was sitting there in our massively overpriced seats (and the game was tied)...I began to worry about the plane ride home if they didn't!

After the game, we walked around the city. All of the buildings were lit up with red lights, and there were Blackhawks banners everywhere! There is something about a city at night that changes everything about it.  The lights and the cars all become softer somehow. Chicago may be known as the Windy City but it should also be known as the late night city. We had dinner at midnight and it felt like it was 9 PM- the restaurants were crowded and the streets were full!  This was an even bigger treat for me because my parents were watching my daughter back in CA and I. Was. Free.  :)

The next morning, we got up early and were out on the street to grab a coffee and just soak it up.  These beautiful streets are enchanting-- Michigan Avenue and Whacker---filled with people on their way to work. Everyone is dressed beautifully and there's so much architecture in and around the buildings for your eyes to take in (by the way, if you have the opportunity to take the architectural boat tour- -do it. I've done it at least 4 times and would do it again in a heartbeat).  We walked all along Michigan Avenue, and then went down to the lower level by the Riverwalk.  It was a beautiful morning and we were able to take some photographs by the river and then across the Michigan Avenue bridge (I have a thing for bridges) and then over by the beautiful Wrigley building.  Oh, this city.  I am a girl that would live in the city if I could. I always say that I must have been a city dweller in another life because I love them.  I feel alive in them.  The noise, the crowds, the hustle-and-bustle.  And there's so much history in Chicago (on that topic-- read The Devil in the White City if you can.  Great great read about Chicago) I am wearing a little Zara sheath that zips up the back. It's adorable and comfy and was easy to pack.  I brought a little fur vest because the weather gets weird here- it changes fast.   And that, my loves, was that!  We already have 2 more trips planned here this summer and I cant wait to get back here and explore! Happy Saturday and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by! Xo Michelle