Friday Favorites

{Blogged over my Edith Piaf station on Pandora} Hi beautiful friends! Its almost Friday and that in and of itself is a happy thing! Sometimes, I think Friday evenings are my favorite time of the week. Why?  It's a day that is a little more festive (the weekend is almost here!), it's a little more relaxed (both in attire and in quitting time; everyone at my office cuts out early on Fridays) and its not as jam packed as a Saturday or a Sunday.  Friday evenings can be the perfect time to create some fun family (or even personal) rituals.  Here are three of my favorite ways to spend a Friday night:

1.  Jammies and Take Out:  Climb into your favorite jammies-- even better if they match (try or and order dinner.  I am a big fan of door dash, but there are several similar food delivery services.  We order the same thing pretty much every Friday night --dessert too--and we make it a picnic- maybe we sit at the dining room table with candles, maybe we eat on the patio in the backyard or take a big blanket down to the park and eat on the grass (note: not in pjs at this location!).   Its fun to be cozy together! 

2. Movies or Board Games (or both!):  My children do not sleep in our bed, except on Friday nights, we all climb into our bed and we watch a movie, play a board game (or even a game on the Ipad. Battleship and Plants vs. Zombies are fun to try together) and when Addison falls asleep (Huds is not a part of this plan yet), we carry her into her bed.  We cuddle up with popcorn and candy and just relax together.  Everyone is tired once Friday night rolls around, so don't expect more than an hour or so before someone (or everyone) falls asleep! 

3. Family Pictures: 

 Something we really enjoy is drawing a picture together. My daughter is very artsy and she is always coloring and sketching on her own, but she loves it if we all draw a picture at the same time. We have big rolls of white paper and butcher paper and we just tear off a piece and lay it on the ground and start.  We are pretty careful to only use colored pencils and crayons (markers and paint need to be outside because they invariably end up everywhere but the paper!)😊 Its fun (and my daughter thinks my scribbles are the best drawings ever!)😀

It really doesn't matter what you do, so long as it's done together.  Family time is precious to me. Kids love fun and adventure and Friday nights are perfect for it!  Here's hoping your weekend is sprinkled with magic and love! Sweetly, Michelle