An American in OC





I am an A.M.E.R.I.C.A.N. Tried and true, red white and blue, the whole bit. I go crazy on the fourth of July with the banners and flags and parties!  I get a little weepy every time (no, really. EVERY TIME) the national anthem is played or I hear a country song about America. Is it patriotism? The deep love for one's country? I don't know but whatever it is, I have it.  I have the deepest respect for this county and what we stand for and the soldiers that have and still are protecting us.

Which brings me (naturally..) to… Ralph Lauren. I have always loved this lifestyle.  The dark leather, the horses, the home in the Hamptons, the green and blue plaid, the summers on a prairie somewhere… All of it. I have always been obsessed with the shoes, the leather bags, Pink Pony, Black name it folks.  I go into the Ralph Lauren stores or online and just breath in that whole lifestyle.  Although I love a good European designer as much as the next girl, there is something about RL that just remains...American, you know?   Of course, to a large extent, everyone  shows a curated lifestyle, right? No one's life is as perfect as the highlight reel we reveal on our blogs and on Instagram.  I like to just pretend that this doesn't apply to my beloved Ralph Lauren.  If you need me, you can find me in my leather wingback chair, in my perfect wood-paneled library, wearing denim and plaid, sipping my sweet iced tea.

By the way, my shirt (old) and shoes are RL. The shoes are my favorite. I love loafers. I think a high-heeled loafer plus a pantsuit  is just about perfect. And this color. I cant get enough of it.  I think my loafer is sold out but HERE is the boot version-- it has the same details as my loafer (and it would be so perfect for fall!) Hope your Monday is just beautiful! As always, thank you so much for stopping by!  xo Michelle