The Key to My Heart 📚✨✨

Anytime someone asks me to describe my most perfect day, it always involves books. Reading a book, meandering through a bookstore, or the holy grail for all book loving nerds like me- a trip to an actual library! Libraries and bookstores (and Disneyland. And Golden Spoon. Wait, and anywhere on the 3rd floor of South Coast by Nordies) are my happy places.  I love the stillness in bookstores. I love the smell of libraries.  Books and words are just a part of me. My mom said from the time I could walk, I walked carrying a book. I have literally devoured books from as early as I can remember and I still do. I read voraciously and I read everytime I have a second to spare.  Brushing my teeth, blow drying my hair, at night in the bath - I read while I am doing it all! 

My sweet husband knows this and we spent part of our date night before dinner in a book store... And then we came home and lit sparklers! Sparklers are so fun! I always keep a little tube of them from Sugarfina handy for moments just like these! Can you say perfect night? Hope that your night was wonderful too! Thanks for stopping by dear reader!🍭🎀Michelle