I've Got You Covered

{Written while nibbling at what is hopefully the last box of holiday See's Candy!} Well, if we are talking about resolutions (and I'm not, but if we were), keeping up with this blog right here might be part of mine in 2017.  It has been a rough 4 months, my friends.  In this span of time, I gave birth to my son and lost my father.  The world is minus one amazing, shining soul and my own world gained a bright shining light.  I will never be able to put into words how it felt to watch new life develop and grow while simultaneously watching a life falter and end.  It was excruciating and heartbreaking and painful and I think it is going to take me a while to recover.  Anyone who has been through a tragedy can relate to this.  We lost my younger brother--my only sibling--before my daughter was born and because there was only me to worry about, I was able to come home from work, lay on the couch and grieve.  I think I did this for 6 months-- just existed in a weepy fog.  But now, I am a mother to two, and a managing partner at my law firm and I just don't have the ability to fall apart.  I have had to square my shoulders and create the magical festivities of Christmas (and that dang Elf on the Shelf) for the sake of my children.  I've had to come into the office and function because this is what is required of me.   I am looking forward to the post-Christmas slower pace of life so that I can, at least for a little while, pull the covers up over my head and grieve.   Which brings me to this post, and the title in particular.  While my life was falling apart, my friends and family had me covered.  I am humbled--truly humbled-- by the love and thoughtfulness and support I have received from everyone in my life (and even people who are not regularly in my life.)   Meals were covered, kids were covered, clients were covered and my heart was covered...and it got me thinking.  This connected-ness is contagious- this sort of belief I have that we are all responsible as human beings for each other- to look out and help out anytime we can.  I want my blog in 2017 to focus on ways that we can help each other out and I am not yet sure of what form this will take but at the very least, I want you all to know that no matter what comes your way, I've got you covered.   Thank you for stopping by, dearest hearts. I'm sure you can tell that I am not bothered by sharing my private life, but it is nevertheless not easy. So thank you again- Sweetly- Michelle

PS-The fur wrap that I use to cover up is linked below! Β 

Dress || Shoes || Β Wrap || Bracelets and here || Cat (I wish! Just kidding!)

Crossing a Bridge





2015/02/img_3956.jpg Hi dear reader! How fitting that our first real post involves a bridge...we are finally crossing over into this venture that we are so excited about. And how great is this spot for a picture? It's in my own backyard too! We all could open our eyes to the beauty around us a little more, right? I know I sure can!

About this outfit... If you let me, I will wear all black, all day, everyday. Seriously. So a little pop of color here and there (shoes, jewelry, a handbag) goes a long way. And red shoes right about now with any outfit is perfect for Valentines Day, right?! I love love love a full midi-skirt (the hubs? Not so much. But what does he know? 😊) There is just something about the shape and the pockets (and the twirl!) that makes me feel ladylike and elegant (this one is from oasap.com). With all that volume, I needed a closer fitted sweater (from Zara) on top and voila... A possible Valentine outfit! Wishing you all a beautiful day- 🍭🍬 Michelle