Diaper Bags (Part 1)


{Written while hearing my mother's voice in my head say "No shoes on the bed!"} I feel like preparing for a new baby is a monumental task with so many moving parts, but in reality, newborns really don't need much. Especially for the first few months, but that knowledge hasn't stopped me from scurrying around to get it all done! I have all of the nursery bedding, drapery and furniture and some wall decor but I am trying to get the wall coverings done (more on that in a later post). I am 32 weeks and I want to get my bags packed (and his bags packed) so that we are ready for the big day! That got me thinking about diaper bags.... for my daughter, I used this Gucci bag and it worked out well. I could use the same bag for this baby because it held up nicely, but I am looking for a new one.  I am thinking that I might want a backpack this go around so that I am hands free (although I like the cross body option just as much). I also love to use little internal bags for feeding, diapering, clothing and maybe one for toys. It keeps everything in place and it makes it so much easier to find everything in the diaper bag when things aren't just all jumbled up together. That's why these and these seem like a great option. I also can't help but want to be somewhat stylish and fashionable. It depends on where we are going as to whether I will take my purse as well (or just stick my wallet and some lip gloss in the diaper bag) and this is a great option (plus,  it can be monogrammed!! ) These are just a few of the options I am looking at. I am going to do another post with whatever bag I actually end up buying and my packing list for the hospital! Hope your Saturday has been terrific dearest reader!! Sweetly, Michelle

Woo Hoo for Ruby Woo and Date Nights!๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’„

2015/03/img_5286.jpg 2015/03/img_5288.jpg


2015/03/img_5287.jpg Well hi there! I am going to tell you all a little story that starts with red liptsick...last week, a friend of mine gave me a tube of #RubyWoo by @MAC and said that this is "the red that works on everyone". Hmm. This is hugely daunting to me because I wear mascara, sometimes a little blush, lip gloss and that's it. I don't know why I don't wear it. I love make-up. I get super excited whenever I see a new collection (I will even buy some of it!) I think it looks lovely on other people but I just don't like color on my face (I'm positive a therapist somewhere could have a hey-day with this!) Very soft pink lipgloss, with maybe a little shimmer? Yes, please. All day everyday.

So this weekend, I played around with this red color and heeeyy! I didn't completely hate it. It made me feel very grown up and fancy in fact. However, these new red lips of mine needed something more than yoga pants ! I bought this fringey and fabulousย #Milly skirt at www.Saks.com over the holidays and it's a perfect dress-up-for-dinner outfit.. (and to get your shimmy on!!) I like to keep a few lace or fringey mini skirts around because you can always, always use them (keep your eyes peeled for reasonably priced alternatives. I say stick with black, white or even a light pink color because they just feel timeless) Since it's on the short side (for me anyway), I covered up on top-- this is my general rule of thumb-- if the skirt is short, I make sure my arms are covered and vice-versa. It feels a little classier to me. The shirt is just a slim fit button down from www.bananarepublic.com. ย I wanted to wear a mens white button down (I LOVE that look), but I couldnt find it in my closet (dry cleaners maybe...). On to the shoes...oh mama. These feathery sandals are my favvvvorite ever. Ever ever ever. These puppies just work with anything I pair them with. Plus, I feel all Carrie Bradshaw when I wear them (minus around a thousand other friends that her shoes have. And Mr. Big. But that's another story...) ๐Ÿ˜Š

Anyway, working hard all week and taking care of a family really makes the idea of getting dressed up for a date night seem like.... a chore to me (how sad is that?) Does anyone else feel this way? Like even that much effort is too much? And I know that we need to make the effort because its healthy and soul-filling to be out together as humans (not mom and dad!) So, while it might be infrequent at first, I think me and old #RubyWoo here are going to be seeing more of each other in the future! Hope this inspires your inner red-lipstick wearer too! Thanks so much for stopping by- we sure appreciate it! โค๏ธโค๏ธHappy Tuesday! xoxo Michelle



My Galentines

Happy Weekend all! I figured Valentine's was the perfect excuse to have a little get together with some of my dear friends. It's something I try to do maybe every two months or so with this group of ladies. I am SUCH a girls girl. I have beautiful, intelligent, strong, caring women in my life that I am so blessed with. It's something I am immensely proud of- these friendships I have. Because it's sometimes easier, once the obligations of life get a hold of you, to let those relationships become less of a priority. The best advice I can give anyone is don't. Even if it's infrequent, keep up with your girls. You will need their support and encouragement and love in your life, for all of your life. And there is just something about being with my girls that cannot be duplicated with my sweet husband (They listen? They seem to care? They aren't staring at their phones or complaining about watching Bravo...again? ๐Ÿ˜Š) So in honor of these ladies, I put a little lunch together (I am a party- planning fiend and need no reason to throw a little themed something or another) so we could wear pink, drink pink (champagne!), watch Sex and the City (the season with the Russian- Paris! Her clothes!) and just chat. It was perfect! Hope your weekend was perfect too! Kisses- Michelle 2015/02/img_4158-0.jpg

2015/02/img_4159-0.jpg How cute are these plates and napkins?


2015/02/img_4156.jpg I used these cute little bags to hold a #MAC lipgloss (two pinks #VivaGlam and #Bountiful). The floral print is just so cute- I love me some floral prints!


Carrie Bradshaw is just perfect in my world and I will drop anything to park it on the couch whenever an episode of SATC is on.

2015/02/img_4161.jpg I wore these shoes that I FORGOT I HAD. Seriously. How could I forget these? I was looking through my closet this morning and they were crammed behind two other pairs- perfect little Galentine shoes! (And apparently, the perfect time for some closet organizing!)


Funfetti. Enough said. ๐Ÿ˜Š xoxo