The Sophisticate


Hi beauties!  I have to tell you that I adore this top. It's sublime. It's heavy (meaning, it feels substantial) and it hangs far enough below your bum that those brave souls in the crowd could pair it with some strappy sandals and really stop traffic! For me (read: kind of prudey),  I really like this look here for evening type events.  I have it with leather leggings (and heels) but you could expand this look and add some long necklaces, maybe more bracelets, and high heeled sandals.  I like feeling sophisticated when I am in casual evening attire (rather than too exposed or uncomfortable, you know?) and this is great.  I have never really been an H&M shopper but recently, I went to the South Coast store and they have a higher-end line and the pieces are on trend and soo reasonable.   I think this was $50. Seriously a great deal.  I am all about investing (piles of 😉) money in handbags and shoes, maybe a great watch, a trench, etc but trends?  I just can't justify it (I have a child I would like to send to law school (if she wants to go!) someday-- I need to draw the line somewhere!!)   I am thinking of trying this shirt out with a white button up underneath and a pencil skirt and maybe again with a white t shirt and jean cut offs. We will see how those all work out.   What is your most versatile piece?  What timeless pieces do you love?  Happy day everyone! Hope your week is just wonderful- xo Michelle