January Check Up

{Blogged over Thin Mints. Because it’s that time} I figured this was a good opportunity to check in and see where we are with our resolutions/ goals/ intentions/ whatever they are called! I am feeling pretty good about 2018, month one (the rest of the year might turn into a disaster, so I’m not getting too gloaty here!) For a little refresher on my goals, go here.  So far I have:

-Tried an escape room (So so SO fun!!!) I went with me and my hubby for a date night but we have several others planned with friends.  My husband and I love any and all games and this was right up our alley. Totally addicting and challenging (and humbling!) Try one (and if you live in Orange County, message me and I will tell you all about the one we went to! They were wonderful!)

- Spent almost every weekend outside (thank you, CA weather!) at new parks. We’ve spent time at the Great Park (in Irvine), at two parks in San Juan and it’s been great.  Anyone with children knows that the best thing for them is to get outside. We’ve packed lunches and dinners and just let them run around on the grass, play on swings, night swim—and it’s been  wonderful.  We are not taking this fabulous weather for granted one bit!

-Traded out paper towels for cloth towels. I know, it’s not much but it’s a start for us.  Kids make everything super messy  and we can easily go through a paper towel roll (or two!) a day. Now, we are trying to be very good at  drying our hands, drying dishes, and wiping the counters with a cloth towel.   With all of the germs floating around lately,  I have been washing the towels non-stop but it is working out so far!   I hope to make one small change a month and by the years end, it will make a much bigger impact! Next month: cloth napkins for everyday!! 

-  Focusing on my kids when I get home. I have been diligent about putting my phone down and just concentrating on them for the short time I have before they go to sleep.  For me, my weekdays are a little bit of time with the kids in the morning over breakfast and then the absolute tornado of dinner/baths/bedtime at night.  Its not nearly enough, and it sometimes really gets to me, how fast life moves and how weeks turn into months.  It makes me sad to be away from them so much, but  I try not to dwell on it and just focus on the joy of the moment.    So far, its working! 

-Tried an at home work out video.  I have only done a few so far, and it’s been so-so. I am a runner at heart, but I’m struggling to find the time. For any kind of exercise.  I’ve started to do videos after the kids go to sleep, and I think if I stick with this, it will be because I find good ones! I will let you know what I find-- and I'd love to hear your favorites too!

How are you all doing with your resolutions?  I would love to hear from you and hang in there! Sweetly, Michelle