Hardhome Recap- Game of Thrones Episode 8

I know I am a tad behind here on the re-cap (Sorry. I've said it before... jobs really do ruin everything) but last night's episode?  What in all that is holy are those White Walkers?  I was perched on the couch, with a stack of work related documents on my lap to review, figuring (because this season has been sort of uneventful) that I could multi-task a bit and work while watching GOT. No. No, no no no.  I was on the edge of my seat, holding onto a dog with either arm, just stressed out and anxious beyond belief. Lets talk:

  • Cersei?   Hilarious spoon raps to the head. And the water slurping from the concrete floor.  Nun Confession Requester does not seem swayed by Cersei's plotting of her demise. I predict a few more hard spoon whacks in Cersei's future (good!)
  • I love Tyrion and Dany together-- oh, the banter!  So witty! So loaded with innuendo. I am glad that Tyrion is advising her and I like seeing him on top of his game (rather than chained up or throwing up)-- I predict good things to come from these two together;
  • Ok, that little servant Crow- Ollie? He is creepy and I think he is going to attack or otherwise try to kill Jon Crow.  His ears really perked up when Sam said that a man sometimes has to make hard choices  that others do not understand for the greater good. You can tell that he is really, really REALLY not happy with this "Lets be friends with the Wildlings" campaign.   His whole family was slaughtered in cold blood by the Wildlings (I thought it was the Thenns, who are in a creepy league of their own) but still. Jon Crow is one of my favorite characters and I get really stressed thinking about someone killing him (its GOT. The good guys all die. I mean, I know all men must die but the good ones seem to do it earlier that necessary in this show);
  • That scene at the Wildling town of Hardhome though....I am a reader of the books. I've read them all. Some twice. I am currently re-reading Book 5...this hasn't happened!  And for some reason, it was the spookiest scene to me- when the dogs started barking and the mountain looked all misty. What can kill these guys? They just seem unstoppable. But when the creepy White Walker king walked to the edge of the dock and was just staring at Jon Crow. My gosh. Spookiest thing ever. I watched out of half-open eyes.  I had no idea what he was going to do with those raised arms-- dredge up  something from the water? Levitate the boat?  Turns out, he was just saying " Check it.  Check this. " And it was the silence as they stared at each other. I sort of wanted Jon to scream some bravado at him, but there was more power in the silence.  Oye. Dragons? What is going to stop them.? We will find out!  What did you all think?  Let me know! Michelle