The City of Angel's Favorite Skin Care

IMG_5843.JPG Spa Manager Allison Marks (R) in Arcona's beautiful Los Angeles-based studio (being interviewed for pop sugar!) 

Hello dear readers! Among other addictions (shoes, lip gloss, Swedish Fish), I am obsessed with beauty products. But especially products for my skin. I've never been one to wear foundation or powder and because of that, I need my skin as clear and nourished as possible.  All skin care is not created equal and the key is to find that elusive product that actually does what it says it will do (and anyone with drawers full of failed lotions and masks knows how rare this is, right?) Fellow skin care lovers, let me introduce you to Los Angeles-based Arcona studio and to Allison Marks, Arcona's spa director, New York Fashion Week contributor (and my dear, treasured friend!)  Allison introduced me to this line and I have used it faithfully for at least a few years and I love it.  Seriously love it. I thought I'd corner Allison and ask her to share her wisdom with us! 

 GDSL- Hello beautiful Allison! Tell us what makes Arcona different? 

AM- This entire line of products is made with pure, organic ingredients but each product is also backed by science. Inotherwords, they really work!  Arcona understands the importance of putting ingredients on your skin that are good for you but also understands that its customers want to see results. These goals are perfectly understood by Arcona and our line really reflects this.  We use active, cosmeceutical-grade ingredients that really pack a punch, in small batches to keep them fresh!

GDSL- What is your favorite Arcona product? 

 AM- I am in love with our Vitamin A and C serums. I think every woman should have these two products in their daily routine.  I recommend both an AM and a PM serum under your moisturizer.  Our Vitamin A Complex and Youth Serum are just amazing.  They are the worker bees of the skin care line (really, all of our products are incredibly effective, especially if rotated seasonally) and they will produce results. Depending upon your skin's sensitivity, the Vitamin A should be used less frequently than the Vitamin C (which can be used everyday under your daily hydrator) 

 GDSL- What do you think is the most important thing a woman can do for her skin? 

 AM- I think there are a few things. First and foremost, wear sunscreen. It really is so important to protect your skin from future damage. Especially if you are treating your skin with these wonderful products, you want to make sure that you aren't canceling out that effort with sun damage.  Reozone 40 is Arcona's tinted, oil-free sunscreen and it is literally amazing. So good for your skin. Also,  make sure you completely remove your make-up at night before you go to sleep. It’s a hassle when you are tired, I know, but it will allow these products to really work while you sleep. Finally, your Mom probably told you this, but get a good night's rest. Even if you can't get 8 hours (Editor's note: who can?) try to get as much as you can.  Your face will love you!

GDSL- If a person wanted to jump right into the Arcona System, what would you recommend? 

 AM- Our Basic Five Regimen is the perfect place to start.


It is customized to your skin type and it includes in the AM: exfoliate/cleanse, hydrate, protect and in the PM: cleanse/tone and regenerate.   You can add other products to this but these really give you a solid skin care foundation to build from.

Thank you so much beautiful  Allison! Go check out these and other products at  or email Allison with any questions at  Happy day all and thanks so much for stopping by! xo Michelle 

 PS- I love the gommage scrubs (like grainy little pieces of sand, scrubbing away all of the bad stuff!) and the face masks (I use the scrubs and the masks in the shower each morning --Raspberry Resurfacing and Tea Tree are my favs--and I rotate through them ... oh my gosh! Does my husband just luuuvv all of the tubes and jars "we" have in the shower! :)) I just wear lotion and sunscreen on my face  and I'm telling you! These products keep my face glowing! ...  If anyone has any questions about what I use or what works- just ask! 

Summer Ready Skin

Am I the very last person on God's green earth to hear about dry brushing? I sure hope not. I read about it someplace and I started it about three weeks ago. It totally works. Let me tell you all about it… Before you get in the shower (I actually do it while the water's getting hot) you take a dry brush (it's literally a dry brush and you can get them any place-- here and here are a few) and you start brushing your skin. Start at your feet and make all of your brushstrokes go in the direction of your heart and you start at the tops your feet and then move to your legs, onto your arms, on your abs (skip the chest part – – ouch!), on your bum and as much of your back as you can reach. It is supposed to slough off the dead skin cells, remove toxins, improve skin tone and quality and just overall wake everything up. This last thing it does for sure. I step into the shower invigorated and ready to go. Too bad all I'm doing is standing around putting soap on myself. But still. The weird thing is that it's supposed to help your skin tone improve over time but already I can feel a change in my skin texture (a little). And also, it  feels like my body lotion just sinks in (soaks in?) easier. I don't know if that makes sense but I will literally do or try anything someone suggests regarding beauty. I'm pretty sure the article I read about dry brushing talked about preventing cellulite so admittedly that was my motivation but you should try it. It feels pretty amazing. And summer is a'coming- I need all the help I can get to get ready! Thanks for stopping by sweet friends! Xoxo -Jen and Michelle

PS- here is a link to Shape magazines write up on dry brushing.

PSS- That Mason Pearson brush in the picture is the 💣. It's crazy how (1) expensive yet (2) worth it these brushes are. I love mine. It's gentle and the bristles sort of massage your scalp when you are brushing it. Love love love!