Two Days in the Desert

Generally speaking, I  am not really a desert type of girl.  I'm not really a rock climber (outside of the gym) or a cactus appreciator (but I do like those pretty succulent arrangements for the backyard!) However, there is just something about Palm Springs that I love. Maybe it's the vastness of the sky surrounded by those mountains that look so close. Maybe it's the palm trees that seem to  cover every last bit of space. Or it could be the sunset that lights up the whole sky with a pinky glow. I grew up coming to Palm Springs as a little weekend getaway with my family. I have also played quite a lot of tennis here in tournaments when I was younger.  I love it. This weekend was a quick trip with my parents and extended family to celebrate my Uncle's birthday. There was a lot of golf, a lot of pool time (but not enough time on El Paseo). It was really warm but for some reason heat doesn't bother me. I'm always cold anyway so when the temperatures go up, I'm like a little lizard. I just sit in the sun and soak it up (covered of course in SPF, a hat, sunglasses and usually, a rash guard. Stay away, wrinkles!)  This is a place that I hope we will frequent many times in the  future with our little family.

I seriously threw clothes in a bag when I came home from work Friday afternoon and wasn't as mindful as I should've been about the heat and packing. However, this little blue dress lightweight from Nordstrom really served me well at my uncle's birthday dinner. I am still wearing the cute boots I got around Christmas from The Shop in Laguna- they are comfy and so cute.  And I love wearing boots with sundresses and little skirts. A fringey bag and some jewelry and that was that! Hope your weekend was amazing and as always, thank you thank you for stopping by! Xo Michelle

Blush Crush











I love all of the Coachella inspired fashion that comes out around this time each year. But I feel like a lot of it is just not practical for my lifestyle- I am crazy about this hat but seriously. Could you imagine me in a flowy sundress and a fringey bag, wearing this hat and walking with a client (assuming I still had one) into Court? "Your Honor, let me take off my flower crown before we begin".  Riiigghhht.   I am always trying to take whatever the trends are and adapt them to my lifestyle. 5 days of the week- I am in lawyer mode. Weekends? Mostly yoga pants and anything that lets me move and do mommy things!  When I saw the hat at Nordstrom, I wanted something a little more versatile than a festival type sundress to wear it with.  I spotted this white eyelet skirt (also at Nordstrom) and was sold.  I think it will also look so cute with a graphic t and some Chucks, or maybe a zip up hoodie and some flat sandals.  And this little leather bag... I got it on Etsy ( I am a HUGE supporter of small businesses, especially those run by women) and the monogramming. I am UHbsessed with it. Everything I own that can be monogrammed... is. I love it. Its sort of unhealthy, how much I want to monogram things. Almost everything my daughter wore until age 3 was initialed.  I was trying to talk my husband into giving our dogs a middle name so we could get them monogrammed collars (totally normal, right?)

This was such a fun shoot. First, I am outdoors and I love anything that gets me out of the house and into the sunshine.  I am a high energy gal and prone to skipping, leaping etc at the drop of a (floppy, blush-colored) hat.  It doesn't take much to make me happy :) Plus, it was the magic hour- that dusky time of the day when its not yet night, but no longer day- you know? I love LOVE this time. Dusk is my favorite.  I feel like anything can happen- and (judging by my leap) - it did!   It's the dancer in me (or in my head)! Thank you so much for stopping by and we hope your week is amazing! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @golddustandsugarlust. xoxo Michelle