Sundress Official 

I saw this beautiful dress on a fashion blog I follow and I tried like crazy to get it (read: obsessed) and since its a French brand (and the website is written in French and only delivers to people in France-- insert weeping), I was stymied! Enter Shop Bop!! As I was doing my usual browsing and oohing, there the little dress was! You guys, this dress is amazing-- the fit is flowy and perfect. I have on an XS and its roomy.  The only thing I need to do is figure out the old bra sitch... I definitely need to wear one and that big open back means it will be a complicated one. But that's a small price to pay for this beauty! There are tons of colors and 2 lengths. I bought this in the pink color and white, all in this length. I think I might go back for the long one too because they are just that nice. The long one is very caftan-esque and I am a sucker for those guys! Stick me in a caftan at some Palm Springs pool party in strappy gold sandals and I will be SET!  Thanks for stopping by and reading- I sure do appreciate each of you and your comments so much! Xo Michelle

Dress: Sundress Official at Shop Bop

Wedges: Banana Republic

Straw Bag: Target. Yes, Target. And those flowers are just props. Who goes to the pool with a bag full of flowers. Not me! 😉

Blush Crush











I love all of the Coachella inspired fashion that comes out around this time each year. But I feel like a lot of it is just not practical for my lifestyle- I am crazy about this hat but seriously. Could you imagine me in a flowy sundress and a fringey bag, wearing this hat and walking with a client (assuming I still had one) into Court? "Your Honor, let me take off my flower crown before we begin".  Riiigghhht.   I am always trying to take whatever the trends are and adapt them to my lifestyle. 5 days of the week- I am in lawyer mode. Weekends? Mostly yoga pants and anything that lets me move and do mommy things!  When I saw the hat at Nordstrom, I wanted something a little more versatile than a festival type sundress to wear it with.  I spotted this white eyelet skirt (also at Nordstrom) and was sold.  I think it will also look so cute with a graphic t and some Chucks, or maybe a zip up hoodie and some flat sandals.  And this little leather bag... I got it on Etsy ( I am a HUGE supporter of small businesses, especially those run by women) and the monogramming. I am UHbsessed with it. Everything I own that can be monogrammed... is. I love it. Its sort of unhealthy, how much I want to monogram things. Almost everything my daughter wore until age 3 was initialed.  I was trying to talk my husband into giving our dogs a middle name so we could get them monogrammed collars (totally normal, right?)

This was such a fun shoot. First, I am outdoors and I love anything that gets me out of the house and into the sunshine.  I am a high energy gal and prone to skipping, leaping etc at the drop of a (floppy, blush-colored) hat.  It doesn't take much to make me happy :) Plus, it was the magic hour- that dusky time of the day when its not yet night, but no longer day- you know? I love LOVE this time. Dusk is my favorite.  I feel like anything can happen- and (judging by my leap) - it did!   It's the dancer in me (or in my head)! Thank you so much for stopping by and we hope your week is amazing! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @golddustandsugarlust. xoxo Michelle